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Everyone living in Europe is having summer at the moment and this is a great time to practice mindfulness and incorporate more exercise in your everyday life. Mindfulness is about bringing your attention to the present moment as opposed to being in your mind - also called "monkey mind" where your attention jumps from one thought to the next. In summer you can try and integrate a mindful moment when you wake up where you just sit comfortably and look at your surroundings and feel how you are feeling - without being judgemental. After a meal you can give yourself a few minutes to sit or lie down in silence and relax each body part and while watching nature or the sunset you can bring your attention to what you are looking at and contemplate that in awareness.
You don't need to try too hard and don't forget: the best meditation is THE ONE YOU DO even if it is just one breathe in awareness, one sip of tea, one berry eaten in full awareness when you feel the explosion of taste reaching your taste buds. Beautiful. Congratulate yourself for noticing where your awareness is and why not sprinkle some gratitude feelings while you are at it. Enjoy! The journey is the destination.  


Mindful Parenting is a broad theme of crucial importance and it does not matter if your child is 2 or 20 years old, the focus is on responding instead of reacting. Managing our own emotions and behaviors is the key to teaching kids how to manage theirs, we are their role model and it does not help to tell kids not to yell, if we yell ourselves. To be a mindful parent is an ongoing practice, it is about living in the present moment, constantly bringing our awareness to what is happening around us right now. It is about accepting things we cannot change instead of getting angry about them and it is about giving our children a lot of love and sense of worthiness.
Brené Brown has a beautiful text on Mindful Parenting called The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto - it is worth the read!


Do you know the Wertheimsteinpark in Vienna? This park in the 19th district is on my way to bring my children to Kindergarden so I go through it every single day and I experience every single day gratitude to be able to be in such a wonderful place. I feel this park with my whole heart and its existence has certainly made my life better. Franziska von Wertheimstein had it in her will that upon her death (1907) the park should be donated to the city of Vienna under the condition that it would forever be a green area open to the public. During the 2nd World War the park had another name because the Wertheimsteins were jewish. In warm days I have the honor and the pleasure of hosting the Fit & Mindful Sessions there, it is wonderful! Tuesdays 19:15 (July and August) and Fridays 09:30 weather allowing.

Impressum: Fit & Mindful - Hofzeile 10/14 1190 Wien
email: flavia@fitandmindful.at

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